Sebastian Block: 2012 on the road to success

Sebastian Block: 2012 on the road to success

Sebastian Block & Band: on tour again 2012

Allthough beeing on the road since autumn 2011, Sebastian found the time to re-release his album "bin ich du" as an acoustic version. This limited edition will be available at April 13th 2012, containing a brand new track called "es passiert". The tour of the same title starts at the 12th of April in Leipzig.

The last year was a highly productive one for Sebastian Block. Together with his friend and musician Sven van Thom, he produced the album "bin ich du" at a small studio in Berlin-Mitte in less than 6 months and aside from a few records, he was playing every single intrument by him self. Along the way he foundet his own label "Januar" and composed the music for a german movie called "Niemandsland" (director: Toke Constantin Hebbeln).

As you can see: Sebastian Block took many challanges and got rewarded for it in August 2011, when he won the summer song contest of RBB TV and the band contest of radio eins with his song "Ich hoffe ja".

A one-of-a-kind voice, storries about the madness of common life and perfectly arranged songs which make you want to dance and sing along: THAT is Sebastian Block.

 Sebastian Block & Band - "Es Passiert" Tour 2012

12.04.12  Leipzig - Neues Schauspiel

13.04.12  Dresden - Katys Garage 

14.04.12  Hof - KunstKaufHaus

26.04.12  Köln - Stereo Wonderland 

27.04.12  Saarburg - Offizierscasino

28.04.12  Aachen - Jakobshof 

05.05.12  Lübeck - Blauer Engel

12.05.12  Eberswalde - Studentenclub 

15.05.12  Gera - Songtage @ Bürgercafé Steinweg (solo)

24.05.12  Weimar - Zum Falken 

25.05.12  Brandenburg an der Havel – HdO

28.06.12  Hildesheim - Kulturfabrik (solo)



albumtitel: Bin ich du – Limited Edition 

formate:  CD | digital 

release:  13.04.2012 

single: Es passiert (nur digital) 

release: 30.03.2012 

label: Januar  

distribution:  Broken Silence (physisch) | FineTunes (digital) 

management: MaM Music & Artist Manangement

booking: Agentur ZeitZuBleiben

Links: www.sebastianblock.net